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 Closeness marketing.

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Closeness marketing. Empty
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Bluetooth-based devices
Bluetooth, a short-range wireless model supported by many cellular devices, is one transmission medium used by proximity marketing. The process of Wireless based proximity marketing involves implementing Bluetooth "broadcasting" equipment with a particular location and then sending information that is text, images, audio or video to be able to Bluetooth enabled devices within array of the broadcast server. Other standard data change formats such as Vcard may also be used.
It used to function as a case that due that will security fears, or a would like to save battery life, a lot of users keep their Bluetooth devices in OFF way, or ON but not set to generally be 'discoverable'. Because of this specific, often regions where Bluetooth proximity marketing is operation it is associated with advising via traditional media - that include posters, television screens or discipline marketing teams - implying that people make their Bluetooth handsets 'discoverable' in an effort to receive free content - this is often referred to as a "Call-to-Action. " A 'discoverable' Bluetooth device within variety of the server is automatically sent a note asking if the user would want to receive the free subject material.

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Current mobiles usually have bluetooth switched on by default[citation needed], and most users now leave bluetooth started up for easy connection utilizing car kits and headsets.
Some implementations of Wireless bluetooth proximity marketing require users to exercise Java applications on their phones for them to receive content this gets the advantage that only people that to choose to will receive content. Others will need no handset-side software.
The diversity of mobiles is huge. Screen sizes and supported file formats differs. To obtain the perfect user experience with Wireless Marketing, the Bluetooth system must be capable of automatically recognize phone models and deliver the suitable content automatically.
GSM-based devices
GSM 03. 41 which in turn defines the Short Concept Service - Cell Put out (SMS-CB) allows messages (advertising, general public information, etc. ) to get broadcast to all mobile users inside a specified geographical area. Some phones/devices offer an option to turn over receipt of such email.
There are provisions for "welcome" messages to generally be sent when entering innovative countries introducing networks offered.
There are also capabilities for messages that should be sent by emergency products and services.
GSM localization accuracy varies determined by location.
Bluewater, a super-regional shopping centre in england, has a GSM based system given by NTL to help a GSM coverage for names, it also allows each customer by using a mobile phone to be tracked although the centre which shops they go into and for how much time. The system enables special offer texts to generally be sent to the mobile phone.
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Closeness marketing.
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