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 Network Support - Choosing a Network Support Company.

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Network Support - Choosing a Network Support Company. Empty
PostSubject: Network Support - Choosing a Network Support Company.   Network Support - Choosing a Network Support Company. EmptyTue Oct 18, 2011 3:04 pm

Choosing a network support company is often tough.
Here is 10 top approaches for choosing a great interact support company.
1) A clear understanding of your demands.
Your Network support partner should understand your requirements. No hidden agendas, no jargon, just an familiarity with your individual needs.
2) Website.
Is their website skilled? Do you understand the idea? If it doesn't glance too professional, it's worth asking yourself why? They are IT professionals naturally!
3) Honesty.
Honesty has to be one of the most important qualities of a strong outsourced partner. If they advertise 10 offices, visit a couple of them. If they say they may have 50 engineers, check to check out they do. If a company is able to be dishonest to buy your business - they are likely to be dishonest to keep the item.
4) Ask to be aware of the companies professional qualifications.
Are they a Microsoft significant other?
Ideally they will end up being microsoft partners and a proven status ability as judged by means of Microsoft, not themselves! Do they have Cisco or Juniper accreditations which demonstrate their familiarity with firewalls, network security and networking?
5) Comparing oranges with oranges.
Every provider has their own pricing model. Some will be honest and upfront, others sound amazing but often have hidden costs. It’ s impossible to make a choice when comparing oranges with oranges. So create a layout request form (similar to the one at the bottom of this article) and ask an array of IT providers to reply to your questions. Then you can compare apples with oranges!
6) Negotiate.
Don’ t be afraid to negotiate. Obviously the larger the potential contract the more leverage you will have – if they totally desire your business then you could start to let them work correctly.
7) Purchasing equipment.
Many IT providers make a significant amount of money out of selling ‘ kit'. If you are going to listen to a soulmate's purchasing advice, you need to be confident they don't have their unique agenda. You need to be sure that the advice is definitely solely to benefit you and your business. Always ask if you can purchase your own appliance and software, even if this is something you won't particularly have the skills or want to do. If it's compulsory to obtain through them, this should ring warning bells.
Cool Pay them a visit.
If possible, go recommended to their offices for a meeting and enquire to look around. Remember, you are looking for someone to maintain one of your most significant assets – if they don’ t look after their, will they look just after yours?
9) Location site location?
Many companies can perform a number of IT related activities remotely – so they could be based on the other side of the world. But there is always a need, no matter how occasional, to have an on-site engineer present. You may even warrant a permanent on-site industrial engineer, although that is only really necessary if you have 50 or more buyers, or have very stressful users.
10) How will you know they are performing well?
Some companies will happily provide you statistics about their functionality; they only do this because they are confident in the quality with their services. You may choose to never look at any kind of statistics, but the very fact there're being offered is a reassuring point. If they don’ t offer you this review, is it because that they don’ t want to help or they can’ t? If it’ s the latter then how do they measure their personal performance?
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Network Support - Choosing a Network Support Company.
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