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 Five Ways to Manage Your Time.

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Five Ways to Manage Your Time. Empty
PostSubject: Five Ways to Manage Your Time.   Five Ways to Manage Your Time. EmptyMon Oct 24, 2011 1:38 pm

Time management is a critical part of the university experience. If you are going to be a successful college student, you need to learn to fit your responsibilities into your schedule.
Here tend to be five methods that’ ll help you manage your time during college.
1. Set deadlines and reward yourself when you meet them
You need to create a rewards system for one self. Set strict deadlines for your workload. Follow these self-created period impositions, and when you have achieved the goals that you simply set for yourself, reward yourself with time off. You have to be able to work in spurts. Achieve what you’ ve set out to do, and let yourself enjoy the benefits of a job well performed.
2. Spend mandatory time within the library or find a quiet place where you can always work
Having a place on campus, in your home or anywhere else that’ s quiet and conducive to hard work is a must. Do you have some time to kill before your next class starts? Then go to the library and get numerous work done. Schedule regular trips to your quiet study place, so that you know that you always have time to complete your project
3. Sleep properly (or at least make honest attempts that will try)
You’ re going to have a few all-nighters in faculty, whether you’ re up all night working or raging with your friends. Long periods of improper sleeping habits can have a detrimental effect in your study. Don’ t dig yourself into too big of hole. After you’ ve pulled an all-nighter, recharge your battery accordingly.
4. Make to-do lists
Write down what you have to do every day. Cross off activities from the list once they are actually complete. This idea my personal sound ridiculous, but you have to keep an eye on your responsibilities on a daily basis. You don’ t need some hardcore organizer to get through your day. Just wake up, take a piece from scratch paper, and write down everything that you want to accomplish for a single day. You might not get to everything, but you’ ll know exactly how you can juggle your priorities when you have them written down and in your pocket.
5. Find a study partner who will encourage and support you
You don’ t have to study by yourself all the time. Find a cool kid inside your class and combine ones knowledge. Compare notes and ask each other questions. Pool together your strengths and encourage each other to keep improving. When a test comes along, rack your study partner’ s brain for valuable data, and share any pertinent facts that you’ ve uncovered yourself.
College is great place to learn self-discipline. Your parents won’ t be presently there to nag, challenge and bait you into getting your work done. You have to set your own arrange. Reward yourself when you've completed your goals. Find a quiet place to get your work done. Get enough rest, make to-do lists, and find supportive research partners. The more self-control you have over your schedule, the more productive your college experience will be.
Chris Stout is the frequent contributor to CareersandEducation. com Chris Stout is a feature writer that covers topics relating to MBA Programs and on the web colleges.
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Five Ways to Manage Your Time.
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