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 Geocaching -- The actual Technology Behind The Hi-Tech Item Hunt.

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Geocaching -- The actual Technology Behind The Hi-Tech Item Hunt. Empty
PostSubject: Geocaching -- The actual Technology Behind The Hi-Tech Item Hunt.   Geocaching -- The actual Technology Behind The Hi-Tech Item Hunt. EmptyMon Oct 24, 2011 1:38 pm

Everything started on May three, 2000 with the removing of selective availability from the White House. (Selective Availability is that intentional modification of GPS signal to degrade accuracy of readings) At that moment, the GPS receiver turned 10 times more exact.
GPS, or Global Positioning System can be a navigational system which operates by using twenty-four satellites positioned worldwide in low Earth orbit. These satellites were placed through the U. S. Department of Defense but are free for that world to use.
Each satellite above our planet is solar-powered, with any battery back-up for instances during eclipses. They send a signal that is extremely accurate, within 40 billionths of the second. GPS receivers take the signal in the satellites and use triangulation to calculate the location of the customer, as well as velocity, distance traveled, and level.
Triangulation works by the receiver while using the signals of three if not more satellites to determine setting. It is a trigonometric process that identifies the positioning of a point with all the bearings to it because of two fixed points the known distance apart.
Prior to Selective Availability was deleted, GPS units received your scrambled signal which influenced their accuracy. After Could 2, 2000, a " new world " of opportunity involving GPS exposed.
GPS units are popping up increasingly more these days as ones own usefulness is recognized by the average user. Many cars today provide a GPS navigational system to support guide you to ones own destination.
One day after the removal of selective availability, a computer consultant by name of David Ulmer made a decision to test the new dependability. He hid a container inside a forest in Oregon as well as shared the coordinates which has an online community. Within each week, several people found her container, and they started hiding their. Thus, “ Geocaching” was created.
The name of the hobby is straightforward enough – Geo meaning Earth and cache talking about hidden treasure. Taking part inside the sport is also very simple. The only tools required could be the GPS unit and the love for adventure.
The seeker acquires coordinates towards the hidden container through the hobby’ s official internet site. The GPS unit points the way in which, with an accuracy in most cases within 25 meters. Once in the location, the seeker must try to find the hidden cache which can be in a tree stump, between rocks or even hanging inside the air!
The containers could also vary in size, through small keyholders or 40 mm film canisters for you to large buckets or rounds cans. Each container normally includes a log book for the actual finder to sign and in addition may hold various items and trinkets accessible for trading. Generally the finder takes a product or service and leaves another solution in its place.
The removal of Selective Availability allows civilian make use of GPS technology, which has ended in many advantages. In addition to your hobby of geocaching, GPS can also be used in surveying, exploration, mapping and various place and transportation systems, among a number of other uses. Geocaching is an individual example of how GPS technology is employed by civilians today. Technology at its finest offers an array of applications.
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Geocaching -- The actual Technology Behind The Hi-Tech Item Hunt.
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