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 Recycled plastic industry - Promotional USB Flash Drive Manufacturer - Credit Card USB Drives

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PostSubject: Recycled plastic industry - Promotional USB Flash Drive Manufacturer - Credit Card USB Drives   Recycled plastic industry - Promotional USB Flash Drive Manufacturer - Credit Card USB Drives EmptyMon Nov 14, 2011 3:23 pm

<!-- google_ad_section_start -->Recycling of waste plastics is a sunrise industryThe current domestic plastics recycling technology is not yet mature, low-carbon economy condensate in the context of an effective recycling of waste plastics will become the sunrise industry.
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In 2010 imports of waste plastics is a turning point. General Administration of Customs Policy & Law Department of Trade Controls Branch with Wu-ping said that since 1995, imports of waste plastics has been 14 years or more. Is estimated that in 2010 imports of waste plastics will be a turning point.First, China's economic situation, including imports of waste plastic will not have ups and downs of the situation. The financial crisis affect us, but not deep. Was followed by imports of waste plastics have been used in several illegal means to get remediation. Waste charge has passed the stage of garbage, waste filled the old situation is improved. Beginning in 2008, waste where sufficient number of high-value goods inside, which in China is a smuggling act.Waste plastic contribution to the low-carbon economy where? Is its recycling can significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions. To the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Environmental Protection has repeatedly called for the effective recovery of waste plastics. Japan's recycling economy is from the beginning the cycle of waste plastics from recycling plastic bottles beginning, has been pushed into waste home appliances and other industries. We hope that China can also have a waste plastics recycling the introduction of national legislation.Waste Plastics Recycling - Plastics Recycling Industry Science and to promoteAt present, China has surpassed the United States become the largest consumer of plastics and huge market demand of plastic raw materials led to a huge gap. Further enhance the processing of waste plastics recycling production of renewable materials, can not only fill about 25% of plastic raw materials shortage, but also effective in reducing environmental pollution and energy consumption of resources.The news was announced by the end of October from Baotou City in Inner Mongolia, the inaugural China Plastics Industry Forum and the 2009 Plastic new technologies, new materials, new results on the exchange of the General Assembly learned information. Experts also pointed out that China's current development of plastics recycling industry is still there are many bottlenecks, must be taken to break the five measures to enable them to truly embark on the track of scientific development.According to the China Plastics Processing Industry Association, Liao genuine, China's recycling of waste plastics over the past 30 years of development, has become a resource-based environmental protection industry, full of potential.At present, waste plastics recycling enterprises have more than 20000, in which small and medium-sized enterprises in the country there are dozens of plastic waste are located in parts of the professional market, which is characterized by intensive processing of transactions, and the supporting process integration, professional fine of clear division of labor. Recycling of waste plastics production from 20 billion yuan in 2000 to the present more than 1,000 billion yuan.China's waste plastic recycling of domestic and imported sources include two parts. In 2008, the total amount of waste plastics recycling is about more than 1600 million tons, of which domestic recycling capacity of 900 million tons, imports more than 700 million tons. In 2009, the domestic plastics recycling industry, despite the financial crisis, but still achieved an overall growth in the whole year is expected to recycling waste plastics will be larger than 2008 levels.As the waste plastics recycling industry, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, mergers, holding the form of structural adjustment Damulakai, domestic and foreign industrial capital and financial capital, will compete in China's vast waste plastics industry. Waste plastics recycling companies will split and strong comprehensive strength of enterprises will grow stronger, some small and medium enterprises will wither away. Waste plastic recycling into high-end products will also be low, the market will be more standardized, large-scale conditions for the development industry as a whole will become increasingly sophisticated.Waste plastics industry in China issues to be addressedNews learned at the conference, domestic waste plastics recycling in the number of people has been enormous. China's largest online scrap marketplace - China Trade Association is responsible for renewable resources, who told reporters that Chen Ruigui currently in the site's waste plastics channel customers have registered almost 30 million, of which 70% are self-employed households. Nearly 15 million customers every day on the site for business. "This is behind the 300,000 registered customers and 30 million businesses.If there are 10 individuals each, then is 300 million people. This does not include non-contact networks, is not on-line trading business." Chen Ruigui that in the future manufacturing and processing industry more or less recycled materials as part of the raw material. "With the continuous improvement of renewable technologies, using the amount of recycled materials will be more and more."Processing of waste plastics for recycling of China's production of renewable materials fill the gap of about 25% of the raw materials, effectively reduce energy consumption and environmental pollution, but development of the industry perspective, there are still many problems, mainly in the following three aspects must be resolved.First, the lack of state from top to bottom of the waste plastics industry, understanding and support. Was attended by experts and business people agree that the State has no right from the macro level of waste plastics recycling industry, the development of integrated planning, the lack of specific policies to support the industry, in particular, the lack of sources of analysis and monitoring of waste plastics, the lack of waste plastic classification technical specifications, lack of government procurement to encourage the use of waste plastic products measures and for this purpose and advocacy measures.This makes the community Despite the increased awareness of environmental protection, but the recycling of waste plastics is still lack of knowledge. Some government officials and the general public will be equivalent to low-quality recycled plastic products, largely restricted Misunderstanding of waste plastics recycling industry.Second, trade management focal point is not clear. It is understood that waste plastics industry by the State Environmental Protection Department, Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Commerce, the Customs Department and the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and other co-management. "Possession of too many departments, the lack of an industry spokesperson." Participants pointed out that the head of an enterprise, as the industry focal point is not clear, resulting in a lack of government guidance on the industry, government decrees and industry real disconnect.Lin Liang at the conference call should be established as soon as possible focal point for closer ties with the government, better access to government guidance. But also to establish a recycling system for the whole society, such as domestic waste, business waste, food waste, etc. to establish clear regulations.Third, recycling technology also remains at a low level. China Plastics Processing Industry Association, pointed out that the Secretary-General Ma Zhanfeng, in addition to a small number of large and medium enterprises attach importance to long-term growth, continue to strengthen technology upgrading and environmental protection facilities, investment in environmental protection department in accordance with the requirements of the processing and production can meet the state environmental regulatory requirements. However, most small businesses lack the technical inputs is difficult to meet environmental requirements, dealing with the technology of waste plastics are still manual-based, labor input is not enough protection. In recent years the development of the domestic waste plastics industry, largely the scale of development is personnel, plant, equipment, etc. The linear increase, while the technology level has not increased in real terms.China needs a comprehensive upgrade and recycled plastics industryDespite the steady increase in supply at home and abroad to China's plastics recycling industry to bring a robust growth potential, but the industry must adopt a more advanced technology and address community concerns about pollution of the environment renewable industry a major industry groups in charge of a man says. The e-commerce company in China offers quality products such as Promotional USB Flash Drive Manufacturer , Credit Card USB Drives, and more. For more , please visit Leather USB Flash Disk today! <!-- google_ad_section_end -->

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Recycled plastic industry - Promotional USB Flash Drive Manufacturer - Credit Card USB Drives
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